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Ferrocast is engineering grade polyurethane, which was originally developed for use in the North Sea Oil industries. It can perform in harsh environments, which makes it the perfect material for making street furniture with. Any of our Ferrocast Street Furniture range will be able to withstand the rigours of the urban environment.

What makes Ferrocast Street Furniture so desirable is that it will not corrode or rust, whilst being resistant to many chemicals that it will encounter in outdoor environment, including saline and uric acid. Ferrocast is also chip and abrasion resistant, allowing a long term life span with no maintenance. Ferrocast Street Furniture and Ferrocast Bollards can reduce on-going maintenance costs, whilst being sold at affordable prices.

But what is Ferrocast? And what are the advantages for using a Ferrocast Bollard and Ferrocast Street Furniture?

Ferrocast, in its raw state, is an organic, plastic-like liquid. This liquid is then mixed and poured around a steel core to create a Ferrocast Bollard or a piece of Ferrocast Street Furniture. This means that any Ferrocast product will have the strength of steel, whilst being covered by the protective seal of the Ferrocast polyurethane. Not only is it durable and sturdy, the liquid form of Ferrocast allows flexibility during the manufacturing process.

Using Ferrocast to create street furniture also allows a variety of colours and styles to create a wide range of different Ferrocast Street Furniture items. This also expands the Ferrocast bollards range to give specialist designs, such as the Ferrocast Hackney Polyurethane Bollard and the Manchester Ferrocast Bollard and many more.

Purchasing a Ferrocast bollard or a piece of Ferrocast Street Furniture from Bollards Direct will be a wise decision due to the great Bulk Order Discounts that we offer, allowing up to 20% off. All of our products come with free UK delivery and are fully guaranteed, to ensure the highest quality for you. View our range of Ferrocast Bollards and Ferrocast Benches today.

Our bulk order discounts make sure that our Ferrocast Street furniture is the best value for you. With 2 or more items, you will receive 10% of the price. With 6 or more items, the discount increases to 15% and 11 or more items, you will receive 20% off your total. Simply buy today to start saving.

We also have a range of street furniture available from other brands such as Ollerton, Rhino and Monoscape.

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  • All of our products meet stringent manufacturing standards and come with a comprehensive guarantee.

  • All of our street furniture products are manufactured in the UK which is something we are very proud of.

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