Do Driveway Security Posts Work?

Do Driveway Security Posts Work?

Mar 27, 2023

A driveway security post, also known as a driveway security bollard, is a great and simple way to make your home safer. Whether they prevent your car from being stolen or they simply help stop your car from rolling out into the street, security bollards are designed with your safety in mind. 

They are one of the most effective, tried and tested ways of deterring vehicle theft, protecting valuable assets and ensuring that you feel safe and secure inside your home. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through why driveway security posts are so effective and introduce you to some of the main types of bollards that are available.

Are driveway security posts effective?

Security bollards can be a greatly effective way to protect your vehicle when parked on your driveway. Here’s why:

  1. They protect your property 
  2. They protect against crimes such as vehicle theft
  3. They block other vehicles from parking or trepassing on your premises

It’s no wonder why car dealerships tend to use security posts to protect their cars when on display. 

Types of driveway security posts

There are different types of driveway security bollards that you can get in a variety of diameters, heights, colours, and finishes.

Telescopic posts

Telescopic posts are the most common type of driveway security post, and for good reason! These retractable security bollards offer the best of both worlds - ultimate security and protection together with the flexibility to raise and lower them as required.

They work by being pulled up manually from a tube that's installed below ground level and, once at full height, the security post can be locked into place.

When you need to move a vehicle into or out of your driveway, telescopic posts can be lowered simply by unlocking them and sliding them back into the ground. 

To stop dirt, rocks or other debris from getting stuck in the hole which could prevent the posts from moving up and down smoothly, telescopic security posts are installed with steel caps that sit flush with the ground.

Collapsible Posts

Otherwise known as folding bollards, collapsible posts allow you to control and restrict vehicle access with ease. Simply fold them down so that they are lying flat on your driveway to drive your car onto or off your property and fold them back up into an upright position (perpendicular with your driveway’s surface) to secure your vehicle against theft.

As with telescopic posts, collapsible driveway security posts provide an ultra-flexible solution that will not impede your ability to come and go as needed - perfect for families with busy lifestyles where there is always someone on their way out!

Removable hooped barriers

For better protection, you may decide that removable hoop barriers are a great option for you. Much like the collapsible posts, these work as a temporary barrier to keep your car safe from theft or damage whilst parked on your driveway. These barriers lock into place using a push button lock, making them quick and easy to operate. 

The benefits of driveway security posts

Driveway security posts come with an abundance of benefits for you and your vehicle. Even if nothing happens to your vehicle, having a security post can provide a great level of comfort. The following are a few reasons why it’s worth investing in driveway security posts:

  • Solid security against thieves

  • There’s no doubt about it, driveway security posts decrease the chance of vehicle theft and property damage immensely. Installing a post can deter a crimininal from even attempting to cause you trouble in the first place! In areas with higher-than-average crime rates for offences such as break-ins and car jackings, parking posts are becoming the go-to solution for getting the peace of mind homeowners need.

  • Prevent other vehicles from using your space

  • Having a parking post or bollard installed at the entrance to your driveway is one of the most effective ways to prevent others from parking on your property without permission. Especially in areas like city centres or rural hamlets where property boundaries are not always clearly defined, having a physical demarcation in place helps to stop vehicles from stopping you from accessing your home (even if it has been done unintentionally)!

  • Cheaper car insurance

  • Installing security posts can, in some instances, lower your car or home insurance premiums by showing insurers that your chances of falling victim to crimes such as theft are below average. Ultimately, the more secure your car is when parked on your driveway, the more likely your car insurance company is to give you a desirable premium.


    How many bollards should I install to effectively protect my car?

    You can use as many bollards as you like so long as there is enough of a gap between each one to allow for people to walk through easily - you don’t want to end up having to raise and lower them every time you leave your home on foot! Before purchasing your driveway security posts, measure up the area you’re looking to protect to calculate the number of bollards you’ll need to achieve the best balance of security and flexibility once they’re installed.

    Are driveway security posts hard to maintain?

    Driveway security posts are easy to maintain, only needing some routine cleaning and lubrication to keep them looking and performing at their best. Especially in the winter months when there might be more leaves on the ground, it’s a good idea to rinse your parking posts down with a hosepipe to get rid of any debris that might prevent you from raising and lowering them smoothly. Likewise, adding a small amount of general lubricant such as WD40 to your telescopic or collapsible security posts will ensure that they don’t become stiff or jammed.

    What other types of security posts are available?

    Other types of security posts include anti-ram security posts, fixed security posts, timber security posts and illuminated bollards. Although these types aren’t as commonplace on driveways or residential properties, they are found in most public spaces or commercial zones where enhanced security or protection is required. 

    Learn more about the different types of bollards and barriers that are available.

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