How much do concrete bollards cost?

How much do concrete bollards cost?

Feb 27, 2023

Bollards have become a common fixture in many urban areas, as they have a range of benefits and uses. If you want to buy concrete bollards for your home or business, you'll most probably be considering your budget and in turn, be curious to know how much do bollards cost. 

Purchasing your bollards is one part of the process; you'll need to pay someone to install them as well. This article will discuss how much bollards cost and how much it costs to have them installed. Once you’re priced up, discover how to install bollards, too. 

How much do concrete bollards cost to purchase?

At Bollards Direct, we have a wide variety of bollards made of concrete. The price varies depending on the style you choose. Below we will list and discuss different concrete bollard styles we offer and how much they cost.

Types of concrete bollards

Basic concrete bollard

If all you're looking for is a bollard that will serve its purpose, then you can opt for our basic, but comprehensive concrete bollards. They come in a plain concrete colour that will be easily visible to pedestrians and motorists. However, they won't stand out against the decor of your home or business.

You can choose from two different sizes, which are 270mm/1370mm and 230mm/915mm. The smaller of the two options will cost you £92.66, while the larger option will cost you £102.30.

Monoscape Bridgeford Smooth Grey Concrete Bollard

This bollard is great if you want a strong, visible barrier to help divide spaces. They are reinforced with steel for added protection, so they can easily stop vehicles from entering pedestrian areas.

These bollards offer a much cleaner, smooth look and come standard with 12-month guarantees. This means that if your bollards malfunction, we will repair or replace them at our own cost. These bollards come in one size and cost £238.23 each.

The measurements for these bollards are as follows:

  • Top diameter: 150mm
  • Bottom diameter: 270mm
  • Height: 1370mm

Monoscape Spherical 500 Bollard

This spherical bollard offers aesthetic value as well as functionality. They can be used to create clear barriers between pedestrian walkways and parking areas, as they will keep cars away.

If you have a property with a verge and don't want cars parking there, then these bollards will be great for that purpose. They aren't as visually imposing as the vertical bollards we offer, but they can also provide your verge and home with a modern aesthetic.

These bollards can also be fixed down to prevent them from being removed or rolling into the road. They measure in at 500mm/775mm and cost £721.41 each.

Monoscape Wexham Major Exposed Silver Grey Concrete Bollard

These shorter bollards are very strong and are great for creating a barrier between vehicles and pedestrians in public spaces. They are reinforced with steel, so make for a great anti-ram solution if that’s the level of protection you require.

These bollards can provide you with a feeling of security, as you'll know that your home or business will be safe from vehicles.

They come in one size, which is 330mm/1200mm and cost £563.71 each.

Monoscape Cube 600 Silver Grey Concrete Bollard

These cube-shaped bollards are very versatile, as they can be used for a range of different things simultaneously. They can separate roadways from public spaces like other bollards, but they can also be used as seating.

This is why these bollards are great for public areas like parks. They can prove to be very cost-effective, as far fewer park benches will need to be installed in the areas around these bollards.

Monoscape Cube concrete bollards come in one size, which is 660mm/670mm and cost £697.92 each.

How do concrete bollard prices compare to other materials?

The cost of a bollard isn't solelysoley based on what it is made of, as there are a few other factors to consider.

It is impossible to get removable bollards or automatic bollards made from concrete. It, therefore, makes the most sense to compare concrete bollards with other fixed bollards.

If you compare our concrete bollards with those of other materials, you'll find they aren't too expensive. Bollards can also be made of steel, polyurethane, plastic, or timber.

You’ll find that our range of basic, fixed bollards made of concrete are cheaper to purchase but still provide many benefits.

How much does it cost to install bollards?

Concrete bollards are uncomplicated and have no electrical systems. This makes them cheaper to install than other bollards. However, installing bollards is a labour-intensive job, so you should expect to pay a bit for it and get help from a professional if you aren’t confident in doing it yourself.

You will usually pay around £60 per bollard for bollard installation. This number will differ based on whether you want your bollards to be surface mounted or installed below ground.

A surface installation will normally cost less, as it will require far less labour to install. However, below-ground bollards are significantly stronger due to being firmly rooted in the ground. 

Are concrete bollards worth the price?

Whilst they won’t set you back too much financially, there are still many benefits to a concrete bollard and a lot of viable reasons to invest in them. Some of these benefits include: 

Access control

If you live within walking distance of local amenities or you have a busy neighbourhood, you may notice people parking on your verge or outside your property, this is where our bollards can help. Our Monoscape Spherical Bollards can add to your home's aesthetic value and keep visitors off your verge.

These bollards are also great for businesses as they can divide parking spots clearly, and stop vehicles from driving in certain areas.


In some locations, parking spots are situated very close to pedestrian paths. This can prove to be a problem if a driver loses control of their vehicle, as they could end up hurting people.

Concrete bollards provide a visual and physical barrier that will prevent motorists from accidentally accessing these areas.


Will a bollard stop a car?

This will depend on the type of bollard. Thick concrete bollards will often easily be able to stop a car and may even be able to stop a truck, depending on the width.

Some stainless steel bollards may also be able to stop a car, but this is out of the question for plastic and timber bollards.

For the best possible protection against vehicles, even those travelling at speed, browse our range of anti-ram bollards.

How deep should a concrete bollard be buried?

When installing concrete bollards, the hole should be between 45 and 60cm. This will root your concrete bollard into the ground and provide some extra strength should anything crash into it. 

How far apart should bollards be placed?

This will depend on what you intend to use your bollards for and where they are going to be installed. If, for example, you only want to restrict vehicular access to a specific area but still want to allow pedestrians to pass through with ease, bollards generally need to be placed no further than 1 metre apart. You should also take any pedestrians with reduced mobility into consideration, as wheelchair users will also need to be able to move freely from one area to another.

Do you need planning permission to install bollards?

If you are planning on installing bollards on your own property, then you will not need any planning permission - just make sure that they are on your front garden or driveway and not on the public pavement beyond. However, you will need planning permission if you want to install bollards in a public area such as a park, promenade or pedestrianised zone.

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