Why do car parks need parking barriers?

Why do car parks need parking barriers?

Feb 7, 2024

Why do car parks need parking barriers?

Car parks are essential for many commercial, residential, and public premises. They provide cars with a safe and secure space to park, while also giving pedestrians a safe way to navigate the abundance of vehicles around them.

Without proper security measures, car parks can become chaotic and dangerous. They are crucial for maintaining order and safety within parking areas and can even help to guide traffic flow.

In this article, we'll explore what car park barriers are, why car parks need barriers and some of the different types.

What are car park barriers?

A car park barrier is used to control access to parking spots, car parks, and private premises. It is important for the safety and security of areas with reserved, private, or limited parking. There are many different types of barriers that can be used in car parks - including automatic barriers, fixed hoop barriers, and bollards.

An automatic parking barrier can be expensive and isn't always a feasible option for some properties. In these cases, it's better to use parking barriers that prevent unauthorised parking for individual parking bays. They can be more affordable and require very little maintenance.

Types of car park barriers

There are several types of parking barriers that can be used in car parks. The most common types include automatic, warden, or fixed-hoop barriers. However, bollards may also be used by some commercial and private properties.

Automatic rising car park barriers

An automatic parking barrier is a common feature of many commercial premises. They are used to control access to office parks and shopping centres. Automated rising arm barriers are the most common type you’re likely to see. They can be integrated with remote controls, ticket systems, and other identification verifications.

At shopping centres, parking barriers are often used alongside ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition). They scan the number plate of vehicles as they enter and use the entry time to determine the amount that needs to be paid before leaving.

Office parks may use another system by giving those who are granted access a personalised tag or identification card. In this case, you would place your tag in front of a sensor that would identify you and automatically raise the parking barrier.

Warden swing car park barriers

A warden swing barrier is a manual alternative to a rising parking barrier. They are posted at entrances and exits and require personnel on duty to be lifted or lowered. However, they provide a lot more flexibility and safety regarding access. This makes them great for properties where lots of different people visit on a regular basis - such as a hotel or somewhere that receives a lot of deliveries.

These warden-operated barriers are ideal for high-security areas as they can be locked when the property is closed to prevent unauthorised access. However, they come with the extra expense of paying someone to operate them.

Fixed hoop parking barriers

A fixed hoop barrier is an excellent tool for cordoning off large areas in car parks and around buildings. They are effective at blocking a vehicle from driving or parking in pedestrian-only areas, such as forecourts or parks.

They are inserted into the ground and are strong enough to stop and divert any traffic that attempts to move into an unauthorised area. They can also be used to separate parking spaces to prevent double parking. Commercial properties use them to mark out areas reserved for pedestrians near entrances.

They are long-lasting and affordable. Additionally, they require no maintenance unless they are damaged. However, they are reinforced to withstand large amounts of force. This means that a car will receive the majority of the damage in a collision - this should be enough to ensure drivers are abiding by the rules.

Fixed hoop barriers are made in various sizes and are extremely versatile. They can be used as a vehicle barrier in almost any context. Because they are fixed, they don't require automatic or manual operation. This makes them all the more affordable for large car parks, commercial properties, and public spaces.


Parking bollards are posts that can be used to restrict cars from entering or exiting certain areas. Some of these can be used as removable barriers in temporary parking areas.

In a car park, bollards can be used to define the boundaries of parking spots and restrict vehicles from driving into restricted areas. They are fantastic for safety and security, and are used for both commercial and residential purposes.

Bollards that are installed in car parks are fixed or retractable. Fixed bollards can't be moved and are used as a barrier to prevent access to cars. On the other hand, retractable bollards can either be hydraulic, electronic, removable or foldable.

Both hydraulic and electronic bollards can be lifted or lowered using an automatic control. Removable bollards are good for temporary purposes - such as for a one-off event - and can be stored after use. 

One of the best options for using bollards for parking premises is a folding parking post. These posts can be manually lowered or lifted at any time. This allows for them to be erected during restricted hours or reserved spots.


What types of car park barriers are there?

There are multiple types of barriers for parking lots. These include automatic or manual variations, each with a range of subtypes. You can also use bollards or fixed-hoop barriers as a smaller, budget-friendly alternative to barriers.

What are the benefits of car park barriers?

Barriers are important for limiting the number of vehicles in a car park. This prevents the parking area from becoming too full, which can be a safety hazard during emergencies. They can also provide a clear separation between pedestrians and traffic for a safer parking environment.

Where do you buy car park barriers?

You can buy car park barriers through various companies within the UK. Bollards Direct offers both fixed and removable barriers for all of your parking needs. We also have a wide range of bollards to choose from for any purpose.

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