Fixed Bollards

Strong and sturdy fixed bollards can help you keep your area protected. Whether you’re looking for anti-ram raiding security or bollards to control traffic in busy city-centre locations, a fixed bollard may be just what you need. Browse our full range of fixed bollards today to find high-quality models at affordable prices. 

Purchase fixed bollards from Bollards Direct for free, speedy UK delivery and bulk discounts of up to 15% on selected items.

What are fixed bollards used for?

Fixed bollards provide heavy-duty security in places like car parks, shop entrances, warehouses and other residential areas. These bollards are available in a range of different styles and materials, meaning you’ll be able to find one that will sit perfectly with the overall aesthetic of your area. Moreover, by choosing fixed bollards that feature a highly reflective band, you can be sure to maximise visibility during the night or in areas with reduced on-street lighting.

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