Galvanised Bollards

Our galvanised steel bollards are a rust-resistant solution that are perfect for protecting a wide range of areas, whether residential, commercial and public. Coated with a layer of zinc, galvanised steel bollards can be used in a variety of settings thanks to the unique coating which helps to extend durability by offering fantastic protection against corrosion.

Browse our full range of galvanised bollards today to find high-quality, durable bollards at an affordable price. Whether you're looking to control parking or prevent vehicles from entering pedestrian areas, Bollards Direct has a galvanised bollard solution for you.

Purchase galvanised bollards from Bollards Direct for free, speedy UK delivery and bulk discounts of up to 15% on selected items.

What are galvanised bollards used for?

Galvanised bollards work well as protective barriers to prevent vehicles from entering specific areas, help control traffic in congested areas and minimise crime. They are ideal for a wide range of situations including driveways, supermarkets, car parks, and pedestrian areas in towns or city centres, being a versatile, long-lasting type of bollard that are proven to withstand harsh climates and high impacts.

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