Parking Posts

Parking posts can be an excellent addition to a huge range of premises including driveways, private parking spaces and commercial car parks. At Bollards Direct, we offer a wide selection of parking posts and parking bollards which come in various colours and sizes.

Whether you're looking for something permanent with root-fixed installation that protects against collisions, or retractable parking posts that can be raised and lowered to allow vehicles to pass through when necessary, you’re sure to find the right parking post in our range below.

With free delivery and discounts of up to 15% for bulk orders on certain products, Bollards Direct has the protection you require.

How do you install parking posts?

Different types of parking posts will require different installation methods to ensure they function properly. Using the wrong method or materials to install your chosen parking posts could compromise their effectiveness and result in them having to be replaced or removed altogether.

Retractable or telescopic parking posts will need to be installed into a pre-dug cavity and held securely in place using screws, chains and locks. For these types of parking posts, it's crucial to know whether there is any underground wiring or pipework that could be damaged before carrying out the installation. 

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